For Hands, Feet & Nails

For Hand/Feet Nails.

Whether your nails are damaged from nail extensions or nail polish/gel, Argan Oil is the go-to treatment for all nail technicians! Apply 2-3 drops of Marizma’s Argan Oil and gently massage onto your nail bed, targeting your cuticles. Argan Oil will help to prevent dryness as well as strengthening your nails for healthy nail growth.


For Cracked Hands/Feet.
During a bath/shower/warm wash, gently exfoliate the targeted area, to remove dead skin cells. Apply 2-3 drops of Marizma’s Argan Oil and thoroughly massage onto the cracked area. Immediately after generous application of the Argan Oil, cover the treated area with a clean, soft and warm set of socks/gloves. The warmth will encourage the Argan Oil to seep into the cracked area.