Our Story

Marizma believe the ultimate sophistication is simplicity. 

Marizma specialise in Argan oil products rooted from farms in North Africa. We believe in keeping sight of primeval traditions and endless classics, by integrating this in the world of innovation.  

With life bringing us so many choices and options to choose from - we lose this simplicity. 

The vast selections of products available in the cosmetic industry for different areas on the body, made us think, why not craft an all-in-one, organic product that can be used for the face, hair, nails & body, which men and women of all ethnic backgrounds are able to use?  

The transition of argan oil being the most tribal, traditional ingredient to becoming one of the most prized oils globally, Marizma believe in using natural purified oils to enhance, treat and nourish ailments, including dry skin, wrinkles and damaged thin hair. 

Marizma look forward to a new chapter of evolving and crafting new products, bringing you the natural and ancient North African traditions, to your doorstep.